Finesse Football Academy
Finesse Football Academy

The Finesse Football Academy

The Finesse Football Academy was founded in 2014 by two Essex based football enthusiasts with the aim to find local, talented footballers and improving them to a higher standard.

Our Soccer School aims to provide top class coaching to committed players willing to learn and listen in order to improve in all aspects of their individual game.

Our intense style with a specific focus on the technical side of the game has been extremely well received with many of our players showing evident signs of improvement.

As a result of this several of our players have gone on to sign for professional football club academies.

We believe talent and hard work go hand in hand and players with these two attributes are an absolute joy to coach and a wonder to work with.

We encourage individuals to feel confident with the ball and be as expressive as possible as a footballer. The more touches a player can get of the ball within our session the better, the player learns to trust himself with the ball and become regularly involved within the session thus increasing the players confidence. This style combined with the intensity of the training we feel is an excellent formula for improving young footballers. This formula has been used for years by FC Barcelona and Ajax who have overseen the production of so many exciting and technical players.

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