Playing Style

The Finesse Academy style of play is keeping the ball on the floor and moving the ball across the pitch quickly whether it’s passing or dribbling. Out of possession we look to win the ball back as fast as we can hoping to capitalize on the opposition’s mistake high up the pitch. Playing the ball out of defence through the lines of midfield into the forwards is the most entertaining style of football this style of play must be consistent with increasing encouragement as players will make mistakes. Players must be able to use their intelligence and different techniques to overcome different challenges they will encounter. The key mental side of the game is Determination, work rate and teamwork. Having these mental skills and the technical and tactical attributes Finesse will coach on a consistent basis we fell is the best way for our players to succeed.

Training Style

The goal of the Finesse Academy is to form talented young players into top football players. Only the very best will reach the top after a difficult and often long road. The Finesse Academy has developed the so-called TIPS model, which stands for Technique, Intelligence, Personality and Speed. For each part there are ten criteria. P and S are generally innate properties, but I and T can always be developed further. The Finesse Academy trains at a high intensity with the philosophy every player must come out of training having touched the football a minimum of a thousand times.

‘Talent alone will not earn you a professional contract, hard work with talent just might’

One on One Training

If you are a keen player willing to learn as much as you can and develop at a faster rate Finesse can offer one to one training with one of our experienced and skilled coaches.

These sessions are tailored to suit the player’s specific requirements. If there is an element to your game you feel you need to improve upon we will do our utmost to help you progress the skill you feel is not as sharp as other aspects of your game.

We cater to all age groups whether you’re a youngster seeking to develop your basic skills or an older player focusing on fine tuning which could increase your chances of earning a trial, or signing for an academy.

If this is something that interests you and you wish to book a session please contact

Also if you have any further questions on this matter please feel free to contact us where we shall answer your questions.

Finesse Football Academy